Cultural Organization

Our people are powerful source; they provide wisdom to the organization and state the reputation. Our main values are commitment and teamwork.

Our products are the final score of our efforts and they have to be the best for our customers point of view. Our products image is our image.

Profit is the final scale to our efforts that we provide our customers the best quality products for their needs.

Company Agreement
Quality in first place
In order to satisfy the customers, quality products and the service we provide is out first priority.

Customers in the Center of Our Activities
We should do our work from thinking of our customers, to provide products and service better than our competitors.

Continuous Improvement is Vital to Our Success
We must aim to perfection in everything we do, our products, our service. interpersonal relations are the foundation in our competitions and profits.

Employee Involvement is Way of Life
We are a team. We must treat fellow man in respect and appreciation.

Suppliers are Our Partners
The company must cherish mutual relations and effective with the suppliers and other co-workers.
Never Compromise
Company behavior all around the world will be a responsible behavior socially will make evaluation to the company's trust and donation to human society. Our doors are open to man and woman as one, without any consideration to origin or personal opinions.